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Explosive Ordnance Disposal Equipment & Training

Preventing loss of life in times of crises. Federal Resources continually seeks the most advanced instruments, tools, technical systems and training to provide military EOD and Law Enforcement Bomb Squad personnel with effective solutions for today’s most insidious detection challenges. Entrusting our cadre of experienced professionals in the field, Federal Resources applies best practices in operational environments and provides equipment to address these requirements.

  • Explosive Identification
  • Explosive Detection
  • X-Ray Systems/Imagine of Threat Items
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Tools
  • Training

EOD Equipment You Need – Now.

Count on us to deliver. Deploying the right equipment at the right time is crucial to your team’s success, but we offer much more to sustain the life-cycle of your mission.

With hundreds of trusted vendor relationships around the globe, Federal Resources excels in locating and delivering the exact tools your team needs to proceed, quickly and efficiently. FR personnel stay informed of the most advanced, relevant equipment made available from top manufacturers. Our company’s reputation as cutting-edge problem-solvers is unsurpassed. Let us guide you in your quest for the best possible solution and every component to support it.

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