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Federal Resources has provided high-quality products, educational opportunities, and service contracts to first responders, military professionals, and those with maritime needs since its founding in 1986. It began as a humble manufacturer’s representative to the United States Navy in a Maryland base, but by providing superior service for a quickly-expanding customer base, the brand has since made a name for itself on a global scale. Now, we boast strong bonds around the world with thousands of customers working in the armed forces and emergency responder positions and is known as one of the go-to providers for essential first responder supplies worldwide.

Our Mission

Our mission is as rooted in the pursuit of a quality experience as the rest of its operations. Federal Resources seeks to assist those who regularly risk their lives for their fellow human beings by providing them with quality, reliable products to see them through any emergency situation or mission. Each and every product is hand-chosen to protect and empower those serving in the Armed Forces and those participating in international, federal, state or local law enforcement and emergency response careers. We aim to exceed expectations during our experiences with customers consistently. After over three decades of operations, we continue to embrace the values that brought us to a top level of prestige within the global first-response field.

The Pursuit of a Vision

Federal Resources aims to provide best-in-class service when it comes to providing emergency responders with quality equipment and solutions. Our goal is to offer military, maritime markets, and homeland preparedness institutions with products and training that truly prepare individuals working within these teams for the challenges they’ll be facing on a day to day basis.

There may be other companies out there who offer these services, but FR is the only one with a vision of leadership, quality, reliability, and determination to provide the results you want to see after your training is complete and you’ve acquired top-tier equipment. Our wide range of services and solutions are designed to make those within this field perform safely and effectively to ensure mission success.

Our Values

Our Partners