Explosive Ordnance Disposal Equipment & Training

Few jobs require the attention to detail and safety required of an EOD Bomb Squad.

Having the proper tools and equipment is crucial to the success of your mission and knowing you can rely upon them to keep everyone safe is imperative. To ensure you have reliable access to these tools and access to life-saving training for your squad, our team is here 24/7 to supply you with everything your squad and organization needs. We only offer quality EOD gear and training and pride ourselves in excellent customer service.

Imaging & X-Ray Systems

Federal Resources is your premier supplier of imaging and x-ray systems built to detect hidden threats including improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and narcotics. We're proud to carry innovative manufacturers like SmartRayVision who create some of the most advanced detection equipment in the world. Not only are our products useful in threat detection, but they are built tough to withstand extremely harsh climates and conditions.

Explosive Detection & Protection Gear

As you assess the needs for your EOD Team and possible assignments that may arise, you’ll need specialized tools that are designed with safety and functionality in mind. Federal Resources will work alongside you and your team to ensure proactive awareness and inventory of the following devices and gear:

EOD Organization & Storage Supplies

At Federal Resources, we're on the front lines with you and want to make sure your EOD team has the right storage and organization solutions. We carry top-quality items such as the TETAC Compact Containment Device, a lightweight tool for transporting blasting caps as well as explosive and hazardous materials. We also offer a large variety of collapsible containers and pallets from manufacturers like Wel-Fab and UltraTech.

Each mission relies on the quality and abilities of each person’s skill set and the means in which they employ it. Federal Resources will always provide you with the best and most advanced equipment the industry has to offer. Explore our products and training capabilities and partner with us, today.

EOD Training

Federal Resources offers expert training for a variety of military organizations, defense units, and first responders. We provide a comprehensive learning experience that includes classroom time and hands-on training for the equipment we offer for your team taught by industry experts. Our training program educates participants about many different scenarios involving explosives.

An EOD Partner You Can Rely On

Whether supplying to a Military EOD or Public Service Bomb Squad, the knowledgeable team at Federal Resources offers only the best in hardware and training including:

  • Years of knowledge and experience to share with your team
  • Proper training and education about the products we carry
  • Helping you find the right products to suit your needs
  • Continuous research to staying up-to-date on industry advancements
  • Support after equipment is purchased

When your EOD squad is deployed, they need nothing short of trust and complete support. With over 150 years of combined experience ranging from personal to the front lines, Federal Resources is the source of reliability that your unit needs to complete their assignment on time and intact. Browse our EOD equipment in our online store or Contact us today to learn more about our EOD solutions and how we can help your team make a difference today and for years to come.