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When disaster strikes, first responders put their lives on the line to keep the public safe. To keep our first responders safe, we offer advanced, hands-on training courses you need to become hazmat certified. From propane emergency training to equipment demonstrations and application, Federal Resources has the curriculum needed to support paramedics, firefighters, police officers, and first responders.

In addition to our robust course catalog of online learning, we offer several hands-on certifications. Our full-time staff of instructors are experts in their fields and are supported by more than 50 on-call specialists.

In our programs, you will find hazardous material shipping training and specialized topics to help your team adhere to the latest in safety protocols. Check out our offerings for hands-on certified hazmat training. Our specialized courses help individuals learn the safety procedures necessary to keep you and your team safe as you protect the public in emergencies.

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DUL Disinfection Unit Leader

This 16 hour course will provide responders the knowledge and skills required to conduct disinfection operations safely and effectively. DUL uses state of the art equipment and techniques to verify a clean environment after disinfection operations have been conducted. This course is 50% hands on.

Students will mix and create their own disinfecting solution, don and doff PPE, and conduct disinfection operations in a simulated “real world” environment.

Course Content: DUL will include interactive lecture supported by videos, hands on demonstartions, and disinfection techniques.

Students will learn the following:

  • The Role of the Disinfection Unit Leader
  • PPE and Disinfection Techniques
  • Pre and Post Bio Checks
  • Best Team Practices for Disinfection

Risk Based Response To Infectious Diseases

This 8-hour course will prepare first responders to conduct a risk-based response to an incident involving a potential infectious disease. Responders will learn to conduct a risk assessment for known infectious diseases and unknown pathogens using medical intelligence, dispatch information, scene size up, and patient signs and symptoms. Based on the risk assessment, responders will implement the appropriate level of risk-based precautions including PPE selection, safe work practices, and disinfection.

Training Course Prepares Responders For:

  • 30+ infectious diseases ranging from common to high hazard
  • Unknown pathogens.
  • 6 levels of precautions for infectious disease response


Foundational HAZMATIQ

All of our hands-on training courses are centered around our cornerstone HazmatIQ Response System courses. These courses examine different topics in the management of threats stemming from spills, leaks, and other hazardous incidents.

The lessons in our curriculum can be designed to fit your individual needs. Choose from an array of courses, including:

  • Propane
  • Air Monitoring
  • ToxMedic
  • Radiation

Our courses are a mix of online learning and hands-on experience. All courses in the HazmatIQ series are designed to be easy to understand, breaking down complicated topics into intuitive Smart Charts so you and your team can quickly absorb the information.


Hazmat Training for PropaneIQ

Our 16-hour PropaneIQ course is a hands-on exploration of handling propane emergencies. Disasters involving propane are one of the most common and most deadly types of emergency that first responders will encounter. Therefore, this course centers around tactical considerations, flaring operations, leak control options, and container assessment.

This course is broken up into two days with eight hours of coursework per day. On day one you can expect to spend half your time getting your hands dirty and the other half participating in lecture, discussion, and learning via video case studies.

The content for day one will cover DOT cylinder anatomy, a propane behavior demonstration and propane hardware and valve challenge. Day two will follow a similar format, covering topics of ASME propane tanks and flaring operations. Half your time will be spent in interactive lecture, video case study discussion, as well as an informational PowerPoint presentation.

We will then move into practical applications. Your instructor will go over the anatomy of ASME tanks, giving you the time to practice at our leak control and flaring skills station. The flaring skill station will include safety guidelines, proper flare set up, accessing propane vessels, and an examination of flaring liquid versus vapor.

Classes are limited to 30 students to ensure that you receive maximum attention with the instructor, as well as ample opportunity to practice solo and in small groups. This course is suitable for responders of all types.


Counter CBRN All-Hazard Management Response Course (CAMR)

Our CBRN hazmat intensive course is the ideal training ground for first responders in the Public Health, Fire Services, Security Forces, and Crisis Action Team sectors among many others. The training is broken into two sections. First, students take a one-day training learning about the operation, maintenance, and decision-making steps needed in air monitoring technology. This includes PID, 4-gas, and Paper technologies. This step of the training is written for those that use these instruments to carry out their jobs effectively. However, fire, hazmat and police personnel will also find the information a useful supplement. This portion of the CAMR course can be scheduled separately from the second portion of the course.

The second portion of CAMR includes four consecutive days that feature training modules culminating in a one-day Capstone Full Scale Exercise. Days 1-3 feature morning instructional modules that focus on EOC, ICS, Radiation Detection, Air Monitoring, Threat Awareness, and Chemical Identification. The afternoons include Table Top Exercises in which students practice their skills and get the opportunity to work with fellow students from different agencies. This is an effort to develop working relationships with agencies that could aid their work in the event of a real hazmat emergency.

The final day of the CAMR program is a Full-Scale Exercise reinforcing all the instruction and practice exercises from previous lessons. Our instructors act as Controller Evaluators and guide the exercise to help participants grow in their roles. Official evaluations are forwarded to a participant’s Point of Contact for tracking and credit.

The learning objectives of the CAMR course are multi-faceted. The most significant learning outcome of this course of study is for participants to walk away with the knowledge and skills to respond to a major disaster in the community, better coordinating with the local and government agencies needed to work within the ensuing aftermath of a disaster. The course also allows first responders to test the plans and checklists their agencies already have in place to ensure that they are up to code. Last, all participants will benefit from the opportunity to exercise their recovery and critical response tasks.


HazmatIQ Technician Certification Training

Our proven HazmatIQ Response System is a perfect supplement to any first responder training you may have already received. Many first responder programs do not have the time or resources to devote an in-depth look at issues in response to hazmat emergencies. For this reason, our HazmatIQ Technician Certification Training can be customized into any 40, 80, or 160-hour format.

The program complies with OSHA, NFPA, BFST, and CFR standards and incorporates our patented HazmatIQ curriculum. Through interactive lectures, discussion, case studies, intuitive Smart Charts, and hands-on skills training, students of the technician certification will learn the skills they need to handle any WMD and hazmat emergencies effectively.

The best part about our technician certification training is the flexibility to customize to your specific needs. Choose from an array of courses to specialize in topics of most importance to you and your team.


Our Hazmat Instructors

We keep a large staff of full-time experts who lead integrated equipment training, hazmat shipping training, standalone courses, and custom exercises to provide real-world training and solutions. Our on-call trainers are career professionals with relevant, up to date knowledge and skills. Students of the Federal Resources curriculum learn about the latest techniques, tactics, equipment, and procedures to meet the demands of real-life hazmat scenarios. Our Hazmat training is offered around the globe.


Get Hazmat Certified

If you are one of the front-line heroes responding to disasters, one of the best things you can do to ensure your safety and that of your team, is to get certified on best practices for all manner of hazmat emergencies. Federal Resources has a robust, high caliber program with professional career instructors that can help you get the training you need to respond to emergencies; from radiation to propane explosions. Stay educated on the latest best practices in your field with our hands-on certified hazmat training. Download our course catalog for a detailed overview of our available Hazmat classes and certifications, and contact us today to get started.

Our team of trainers and SMEs bring decades of real-world experience to our customers throughout the entire procurement process. We ensure that the mission drives the solution…not the other way around. Post-delivery, our team provides the necessary training to properly use, sustain and employ all equipment.

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