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Federal Resources Training offers a unique hands-on experience that allows professionals in training to put their knowledge to use. We make sure our customers know how to apply what they learned in the classroom to real-world scenarios and life-threatening situations.

Integrated CBRNE Equipment Training

Courses included in this section are designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills they need to respond effectively to a mass-casualty incident involving the release of hazardous substances or CBRNE warfare agents. In this training, students learn the fundamentals of patient decontamination and how to operate support equipment.

This section also includes the Manufacturer Equipment Training course that provides high-quality, hands-on training for manufacturers; including Honeywell/Rea Systems, Smith Detections, Ortec, Airboss Decon Equipment, and many others. Our in-depth Military Equipment Training includes instruction on use, maintenance, troubleshooting, and hands-on training for M26 JSTDS, AN/PDR 77, JCAD, MCD, MACRMS, and DRSKO.

Other courses in this section include Advanced Guardian Training, Environmental Hapsite Training, Basic Integrated Survey, Advanced Hapsite Operator’s Course, and the Shimadzu Operator’s Course.

EOD Training

Federal Resources’ training program offers a large variety of courses designed to educate participants on how to handle many different scenarios involving explosives safely. Examples of our EOD Training courses include Homemade Explosive (HMEIQ), Advanced Instrumentation, Threat Assessment Improvised Explosive Devices, and Threat Assessment in a Homemade Explosives Environment.

This section also includes highly in-depth courses such as our EOD Chemical, Biological, and Radiological (CBR) Training Program Supporting Special Operations Forces (SOF); which is broken into several modules, each with a specific focus. These modules cover such topics as CBRN equipment, chemical hazards, medical management of CBR patients, decontamination/desensitizing of chemical and biological agents, improvised and modified CBRN weapons, and advanced manual techniques to defeat improvised CBRNE devices. Each course offers the opportunity to learn valuable skill sets that can be practically applied to situations encountered while on the job.

Tactical Training

Solid tactical training is vital to any mission, and Federal Resources offers several courses designed to educate and equip participants with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed out in the field. Our wide range of offerings include courses such as Basic Leadership, Basic Rifle/Marksmanship, Communications, Basic Fire Support/Fire Support Task, Targeting and Interdiction, Tactical Movements/Patrolling, Convoy Operations, Urban Operations, and Basic First Aid. We also offer several CQD courses, including Operational Unit, Law Enforcement, CQD Protective Specialist, and Maritime Operations.

Train With Federal Resources Today

Federal Resources Training is performed by highly-qualified professionals with years of experience in their respective fields. All courses are designed to convey vital information in a way that allows students to grasp and assimilate the information quickly and trains them on how to apply their knowledge and skills out in the field. From basic to advanced, our courses equip participants to respond effectively to a wide range of threats.

Our team of trainers and SMEs bring decades of real-world experience to our customers throughout the entire procurement process. We ensure that the mission drives the solution…not the other way around. Post-delivery, our team provides the necessary training to properly use, sustain and employ all equipment.

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