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The classroom portion of HazMatIQ training consists of 10 courses, each with a unique focus and objective. In these courses, students learn how to respond to a number of different threats and scenarios appropriately. A list of training courses is recorded below:

Above the Line/
Below the Line Training

This course lays the foundation for all HazMatIQ courses and uses simplified flow charts to allow responders to size-up any chemical in seconds to prepare for the appropriate response.

First Responder
Offensive Training

This course builds on the first one and instructs students on how to safely enter the Hot Zone to perform a rescue and/or recon.

AdvancedIQ Training

This customizable course continues to build on the first course and uses complex scenarios to challenge students to think critically.

Air Monitoring Training

The Air Monitoring course is designed to train students on the use, interpretation, and selection of direct reading instruments, various test strips, and identification technologies.

RadIQ Training

This straightforward course teaches students everything they need to know in order to react appropriately in the Hot Zone, from radiation fundamentals to transportation and response.

3-Day RadIQ Training

This course can be modified to fit any unit’s needs and walks students from a basic understanding of radiation through radiological response.

Tox-Medic Training

The Tox-Medic course is a specialized EMS training program that provides medics with the knowledge and skills to care for patients suffering from a hazmat/WMD exposure.

Hash Oil Extraction
Labs Training

The focus of this course is to teach students how to respond when entering facilities designed to grow marijuana for recreational or medical use and how to deal with the specific hazards that are present in such facilities.

DeconIQ Training

This technician-level course provides responders and warfighters with the knowledge and skills required to conduct Electrostatic Decontamination Tactics (EDT).

DrugIQ Training

This synthetic opioid risk-based response class prepares responders and investigators to address incidents involving synthetic opioids, including clandestine labs safely.

RAE Tech 1 Training

This intensive portable instrument technician certification course offers hands-on training to end-users of Area Rea Multi-Rea family instruments.

Our team of trainers and SMEs bring decades of real-world experience to our customers throughout the entire procurement process. We ensure that the mission drives the solution…not the other way around. Post-delivery, our team provides the necessary training to properly use, sustain and employ all equipment.

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