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Maintenance Repair, Technical Support, Software Tracking & ReachBack

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Federal Resources goes well beyond supporting a typical service contract relationship with you and your team.

Our Technical Services Group and FRSupport System℠ are integral parts of a total solution for sourcing, contract vehicles, procurement, warehousing, kitting, training and support to provide complete life-cycle sustainment for instrumentation and equipment. Our impressive knowledge base and 24/7 ReachBack have resulted in an impeccable 10-year track record of keeping equipment fully operational and in customers’ hands with minimal downtime.
FRSupport’s stellar service is a result of preventative maintenance, training and ConOp support. If your mission equipment is in need of repair, FR’s pros work diligently to ensure any repairs or restorations meet proper specs and are fully documented and completely verified before equipment is reused. At each stage, we provide customer updates on restoration progress through ReadiTrak™, FR’s secure maintenance management software. Federal Resources has your back at every juncture of your mission!

Federal Resources’ Technical Services & Asset Management division includes maintenance repair, technical support, software tracking, and ReachBack. The Technical Services Group and FRSupport System are part of a complete package of tools to assist with the full life-cycle of instrumentation and equipment. Federal Resources integrated solutions for systems boast an unblemished 10-year record of keeping equipment running with the least possible downtime.

Services offered by this division include

  • Procurement
  • Training
  • Contracting automobiles
  • Kitting
  • Sourcing
  • Warehousing
  • Support
  • Extensive base of knowledge
  • 24/7 ReachBack

Federal Resources focuses on preventive maintenance, training, and ConOp support to avoid problems. The professional team endeavors to make sure that repairs and restorations are done to exact specifications. All work is thoroughly documented and verified before the equipment goes back into service. You’ll be kept up to date at every step using ReadiTrak, a secure and proprietary maintenance management software. It’s like having extra backup for your mission. Who wouldn’t want this extra line of defense?

A Proven Integrated Solution for Systems and Reliable Partner

Since 1986, Federal Resources has supported warfighters and first responders around the globe through service contracting and manufacturing. We specialize in customized and integrated solutions for the organizations we serve with an eye to keeping the tools cost-effective. The success of our business is tied to long, healthy relationships with vendors and loyal customers built over 30 years in the field. Known for our attention to detail, Federal Resources seeks to maintain our position at the top of the market for innovation and quality in technical solutions.

The Federal Resources Way

At Federal Resources, we have a highly refined way of doing business at every step in our processes. The "FR Way" defines quality total technical services solutions as those that use:

  • Innovation in technology and within the equipment itself
  • Negotiation without losing professionalism or integrity
  • Response training on every component at every level of the mission, no matter how small or large
  • Support throughout the deployment of logistics, supplies, implementation, kitting, and inventory management
  • Contingency plans ready to go with a high level of flexibility and effectiveness
  • Everyone, regardless of role, understands the importance of serving those who protect the country and its communities. Each stage of your project gets a team with specialized expertise to that stage. Project Managers review your needs and put together a group of Subject Matter Experts to craft your solution. Starting with an analysis to determine a starting point and end goals, the team puts together a draft solution proposal for you to review. Once you've agreed on a plan, Product Managers, Engineers, and Design & Development Specialists take the lead to collaborate with the appropriate Vendor Partners, all trusted companies, of course, to build out your solution and plan for its success. Sometimes this involves modifying something you're already using or doing, and sometimes the answer is to build something new from the ground up. No matter which way the project goes, our teams follow ISO 9001:2008 quality-control guidelines for manufacturing, assembly, and logistics. In fact, in 2016, Federal Resources had an accuracy rate of 97.26 percent in receiving, packaging, and shipping. Also, you'll get world-class training on the solutions we build so your team will be confident in using them, deploying them, and maintaining them. Once your tools are operational, you'll get ongoing support and follow up from Support Pros and the exclusive ReadiTrack System.

When you choose Federal Resources as a partner to meet your team's technical services needs, you're getting a company with a proven track record of excellence in every area of performance. To get started with our technical services & asset management solutions, connect with our team of specialists.

Proven, Relevant, Problem-Solving Solutions.

We excel in problem solving. Federal Resources provides superior mission-critical solutions customized for at-home or in-theater commands that support all branches of the U. S. Armed Forces and governmental agencies at all levels -- federal, state, local and international. We serve organizations, agencies and contractors worldwide and our base networks continue to expand to meet the needs of an accelerated world driven by innovation and technology.

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